The very name of each of the types of spools for spinning explains the principle of their operation. The coil can be called inertial when the line is unwound from the drum when it rotates under the influence of the inertia force, which in turn can be caused by a luster or other kind of bait that the angler used when casting. The manifestation of the inertia of the coil is that the change in the state of rest to motion and vice versa is not instantaneous, but for some time. The higher the inertia of the coil drum, the slower this change.

Varieties of Inertial Coils for Spinning - the Best Models

Types of Inertial Coils

There are several types of inertial coils:

  • Simple drum (conductive, for fly fishing, etc.) and
  • Multiplier (in turn, divided into classical and low-profile).

Each of these varieties is used for a certain method of fishing, has its technical characteristics and a different price range. Drum coils

The drum (classical) inertial coil has a rather simple design. The main element is the drum (it is usually made of metal or plastic), to which are attached one or two small handles. The drum is attached to a round-shaped holder with a bracket for fastening to the rod.

These coils are equipped with a standard ratchet brake and a button, with which you can turn on and off the brakes located on the opposite side of the handle on the drum holder. Classical coils are mostly equipped with light float, side (for catching from the vessel) and wire rods. Such coils are intended for close casting. Far to do is also possible, but rather problematic (for such casting a heavy load is needed).

Multiplier Coils

Multiplier coils are of high cost. At the same time, their functionality, reliability, as well as flexible brake settings allow us to consider “cartoons” (their philistine name) one of the best coil options at the moment. For certain models of multiplier coils installed counters coiled line. Typically, these meters are used for fishing at great depths (can be used as a depth gauge for sea fishing or catching trolling). In the vast majority of cases, the multiplier coils are able to replace all other types of coils.

According to the structure of the body of the coil, there are two types of “cartoons” – classical and low-profile: Classic multiplier coils: Classic “cartoons” (another name in everyday use – “kegs”) are similar to a very small-sized winch with enough capacious spools, which makes it possible to wind a large amount of fishing line on them.

The most common coils of this type are heavy coils, which are intended for casting heavy bait and catching large fish. It is advisable to use coils of this type for sea fishing and trolling. Low-profile multiplier coils: Low-profile “cartoons” (another name in everyday use – “soap-boxes”) are basically presented by variants designed for fishing with the use of light baits. These coils are an excellent option for spinners and are characterized by more accurate brake settings (compared to inertia-free coils), in which at first it is very difficult to understand. A significant disadvantage of such a multiplier coil is that it can throw exceptionally light baits, but with proper tuning, the soapbox becomes simply irreplaceable.

Varieties of Inertial Coils for Spinning - the Best Models


The multiplier coil perfectly fits almost all the gear, which requires power, reliability and proper quality. “Mult” is standard for spinning. Best multipliers are combined with a short one-handed or standard rod. This combination allows you to avoid serious spending on equipment. “Cartoons” can be installed on two-hand spinnings, but in this situation, it should be ensured that the rod has a saddle handle and a trigger for the index finger.

To throw a rod it is necessary with the right hand, after that it is necessary to shift it in the left hand, and right to rewind. When reeling, the coil is also on top of the rod. However, there are special coils that can be attached from below (for example, for catching a path). There are separate models of such coils, designed for lefties.

Tips for Choosing and Using a Coil for a Float Rod

Advantages and Disadvantages

Inertial coils have some advantages over non-inertial coils:

  • The first advantage is the relatively simple arrangement of inertial coils. A drum with several handles, equipped with a brake, is placed on a shaft fixed to the body. Also, you can install a pair of bearings. Nothing more is required.
  • The second advantage is the considerable capacity of the drum. This makes it possible to use a large amount of fishing line of any diameter, which implies the possibility of catching large fish.
  • The third advantage is the high sensitivity of the spinning, equipped with an inertial coil. This allows the spinner to feel the movement of the bait on the line, catch the moment of ingestion of the bait (this will allow you to react instantly and make the most effective cut), track the movement of the fish and its jerk.
  • The fourth advantage is the price, lower than that of coils of other types.
  • The fifth advantage is the experience of fishing with the aid of an inertial coil. Fishermen with experience began to fish with the help of spinning with this type of coil and remained faithful to him.Varieties of Inertial Coils for Spinning - the Best Models

However, there are a number of shortcomings of inertial coils before inertial ones: The speed of winding the line is quite low. You can make a calculation using the example of a popular coil of the Nelma type. Its diameter is 114 mm, and the circumference is 35 cm. One turn of the line is wound for each turn of the drum.

This means that for each meter of fishing line it is required to make incomplete three turns of the coil, which is by no means a good result. The increase in the drum will lead to a weighting of the coil, which will not be a way out of the situation. The low range of casting baits. For such casting, using an inertial coil requires considerable physical effort. When using an inertial-free coil, this casting is easy.

The inevitability of beards. In strong winds or the event of a bait falling on an obstacle, the line has the property of getting tangled around the coil. Especially often this happens to novice anglers. When using an inertial-free coil, this problem disappears by itself.

How to Increase Fish Catch?

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The Best Drum Reels

It makes sense to consider brands that produce the best classic inertial coils: The Russian company “Russnast” established the production of a very high-quality universal coil “Nelma” (invented by VasilyPilipchuk). Such a coil is quite light, the material for it is aluminum alloys.

It can be equipped with many rods – starting from Bolognese and ending with spinning rods. “Nelma” has a perfectly balanced drum on a pair of bearings, a reverse stopper associated with a “ratchet”. The brake system consists of a brake shoe, the above mentioned “ratchet” and a modern aerodynamic brake. Prices for Nelma coils range from 50-120 US dollars. Optimum choice – “Nelma-Z-2”.

The Chinese brand “Akara” produces inertial coils with drums on “balls”, somewhat inferior to “Nelme” in quality. However, they have an order of magnitude lower – about $ 30. These reels are ideal for catching boats. Optimal choice – “AkaraGalant FD 20A”.

If the budget is not limited, then you can look at “Bewick”, “Conquest” from “Hardy”. Their cost varies from 300 to 600 US dollars, but the quality is truly excellent.

The Best Multiplier Coils

Among the manufacturers of multiplier coils, there are three undoubted leaders: The company “Daiwa” produces light coils, which have an excellent design and easy movement. Lack of two – a short life and insufficient reliability. At manufacturing plastic is used which facilitates the coil, but worsens its resistance to physical influences. The prices for Daiwa coils range from 40-120 dollars. Optimum choice – «Daiwa Sweepfire E 1000».

The Shimano reels are more reliable and are characterized by a soft stroke. Prices for them are acceptable and vary within the range of 20-60 dollars (these are the prices of the most popular models). Shimano coils weigh a little more than Daiwa coils, but they outperform their competitors in terms of reliability. The Shimano reels have the best combination of “price-quality”. The best choice is Shimano Soare BB.

Coils “Abu Garcia” have more weight than the coils of competitors. The reason for this is the minimal use of plastic in the manufacture of products, which increases the reliability of the coils. Easy to use only when catching large fish, for relaxed fishing, they definitely do not fit. The cost of the coils varies from 40-80 dollars. Optimal choice – «Abu Garcia Cardinal SX FD».


Inertial coils gradually move into the past, but even today they have enough admirers. Basically, they are old-school fishermen, but young people also periodically experiment in search of the optimal combination of equipment for professional fishing and recreation.

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