Types of Fishing Rods

With over 20 fishing rods, the inexperienced angler will not find the right tackle for himself. The fishing rod should be tuned to the target fish, the fishing technique and of course on the fishing lures. Below we give an overview of the fishing rods and explain the advantages of each type.

Leger Rods

Basic rods usually have a length of 2.70 to 3.00 meters. The casting weight varies depending on the field of application and is between 20 and 120 grams. These fishing rods are also available as a plug-in or telescopic rods. Such fishing rods usually have a semi-parabolic or a peak action. These are one of the best fishing rods considered all-around rods for Ansitz fishing on carp, pike, zander, and bream. Because of the better action, I usually use a plug-in rod like the Fox EOS plug-in rod

Telescopic Rods

Telescopic rods have their advantage quite clearly in the small size. At the water, they can be pulled apart quickly and are ready to use in a few simple steps. The disadvantage of these fishing rods is a disharmonious action. Only very expensive and high-quality telescopic rods can compete with a rod.

Telescopic rods are often heavier than interlocked rods. The usually larger ring distance in the telescopic rods ensures greater friction of the line when throwing and drilling. The rings of the rod are more heavily loaded by the assembly and disassembly of this fishing rod.

But if you are looking for a fishing rod with a small pack size, you are well advised to use a telescopic rod.

Types of Fishing Rods

Carp Rods

Carp rods are available as two- or three-piece rods and as telescopic rods. The rod length is between 2.80 and 4.00 meters.

The test curve of the fishing rods is between 1.5 and 3.5 lbs. Lighter carp rods in the still water area have 1.5 lbs. and stiffer rods for fishing in the current have 3.5 lbs.

Carp rods have a long handle to achieve large distances when throwing. Fishing poles with a semi-parabolic or a top action and a strong backbone, such as the three-part Shimano ALIVIO 3,00lb have been highly recommended.

Types of Fishing Rods

Feeder Rods

Feeder rods are basic rods that are specially used for fishing with feeders.

These rods are characterized by a fine tip action. The rod tips are interchangeable and available in different thicknesses.

The rod length can exceed four meters. Here too, rods or telescopic rods are available. The casting weight can be up to 200 grams in so-called heavy feeder rods.

As a special form of feeder rod, I would like to mention the Multifeeder. This rod can be mounted instead of the rod tip a vibrating tip.

Types of Fishing Rods

Spinning Rods

These fishing rods are available as a plug-in or telescopic rods.

The spinning rod should be light, as it is kept in the hand while fishing all the time. When buying a spinning rod, attention should be paid to the quality and finish of the fishing rod. Especially the rings are heavily loaded by the constant ejection and retrieval.

Traditionally, spinning rods are divided into light and heavy spinning rods.

Types of Fishing Rods

Light Spinning Rods

These rods have a maximum length of 2.40 meters and a casting weight of up to 20 grams. The action of the tail is continuous or parabolic to semi-parabolic.

The rods are suitable for fishing in the close range up to 30 meters.

Types of Fishing Rods

Heavy Spinning Rods

The rod length is usually 2.70 to 3.30 meters. The casting weight is 80 grams and more. The rod action is semi-parabolic in most spinning rods. These fishing rods are also suitable for large predatory fish such as pike and zander.

Types of Fishing Rods

Jig Rods

The Jigrute is a special form of the spinning rod. It was designed for fishing with twisters. Typical of this type of rod is the tip action. This allows the bait to be better controlled.

Types of Fishing Rods

Trigger Rods / Baitcaster Rods

These fishing rods are one or two-piece and have a maximum length of 2.10 meters. Trigger rods usually have a pistol grip with a so-called trigger. The rod action is usually semi-parabolic and the rods have a strong backbone.

As a roll, small reels are used which are mounted on top of the rod. In addition to fishing from the shore, this fishing rod is also used by boats for pike and zander.

Types of Fishing Rods


These fishing rods are from Italy and have been developed for trout fishing. The sbirolinoids are available as a plug-in or telescopic rods. The rod length is between 3.00 and 4.80 meters. The casting weight is between 5 and 40 grams.

Thanks to the Sbirolinos, very light lures can be spread very far with these rods. It can be achieved distances of up to 90 meters. The fine rod tips show bites outstanding.


In the unrivaled fishing rods, the string is attached to the rod tip. This can be done with a whirl or with a rubber band that cushions the escapes of the fish. These rods are offered as a plug-in or telescopic rods.

Some models reach lengths of over 15 meters. With long rods, a lot of carbon fiber is used as a material so that the fishing rods are not too heavy.

Pole Rods enable precise fishing with the pose even at long distances. Especially with coarse anglers this method is used.

Match Rods

Match rods usually have a length of 3.70 to 4.20 meters. These fishing rods are divided into three parts and are used for accurate Poos fishing. The ring of the matching rod consists of many small rings.

The action of the matching rod depends on the field of application. When fishing for smaller fish, fishing rods have proved themselves with a tip action. When sitting on bream or tench, match rods have proven to be parabolic or semi-parabolic.

In contrast to the pole, it is fished here with a reel. Thus, the angler sufficient amusement reserves are available and the bait can be offered even at a great distance.

Types of Fishing Rods

Bolognese Rods

This fishing rod is also available as a plug-in or telescopic rod. The rod length is between 5.00 and 8.00 meters. The casting weight is 5 to 30 grams. Bolognese has a strong backbone and a sensitive tip.

These ringed poles are used by coarse anglers. Heavy Bolognese but are also used by perch or zander anglers. Typical of these fishing rods is the folding roll holder.

Types of Fishing Rods

Surf Rods

Surf rods usually have a length of 3.90 to 4.20 meters. The casting weight is 100 to 250 grams.

The action of this fishing rod is semi-parabolic. So also long casts (up to 100 meters) are possible. Typical of these rods is a large ring diameter and a large distance between the roller holder and guide ring. Due to these characteristics, the cord slips smoothly off the roll.

Types of Fishing Rods

Boat Rod

These fishing rods are between 2.10 and 2.70 meters long. The test curve of these rods is between 12 and 130 lbs. Boat rods from 50 lbs. Are used for big game fishing or fishing at great depths. Typical of these fishing rods are the double leg rings and the foam rubber handle.

To the just described fishing rod, there is an inline version in which the cord is led in the blank. The risk of cord injury is so significantly reduced. However, if you fish at low temperatures in winter, you should expect frost to block the smooth line run.

Types of Fishing Rods


These fishing rods are used for boat fishing with Pilker. The rod length and the casting weight of the look at the rod are dependent on the depth to be fished. With a water depth of up to 20 meters, piled rods with a length of 2.70 to 3.50 meters are used. The casting weight of these fishing rods is then between 100 and 150 grams.

If you want to fish in strong currents or at great depths, you can choose a 2.70-meter-thick pilot and a casting weight of up to 300 grams. If you also have a catcher mounted next to the buy, you should choose a pilot rod with tip action for better bait guidance.

Fly Rods

Fly rods usually consist of two parts. Travelers can also be shared more often. The roll holder is at the handle end. In heavy two-handed rods, the roll holder is slightly ahead.

Fly rods must be as light as possible because they are kept in action throughout the day. Traditionally, the fly rod has a weight in oz. An ounce is 28.57 grams. The length of the rod is in feet and inches. One foot is 30.5 cm and one inch is 2.54 cm.

Example: 8’9 means eight feet and nine inches, that is about 2.67 meters.

The fly rod must harmonize with the string. Therefore, on the fishing rod information for which line is suitable. There are 16 different string classes, with 0 being the lightest and 15 the heaviest. A 5 to 6 is considered as a standard for trout and ashes, a 7er to 9er can be used for Zander and pike streamers.

Types of Fishing Rods


This fishing rod has been specially developed for ice fishing. The pennants usually have only a length of 30 to 50 centimeters and are equipped with a plastic or cork handle.

The rod tip is very fine and serves the bite detection. As a roll axle or Nottinghamrollen be used.

Types of Fishing Rods

Some Pimpel is equipped with a particularly large top ring which prevents the freezing of the string. Again, I can recommend to you from my own experience the ice and boat fishing set.

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