Types of Fishing Reels

Fishing reel is a device for storing fishing line on a fishing tackle, it is a small reel with a handle for winding the line. With the help of a fishing reel mounted on a rod, you can throw a snap with a lure for a long distance (spinning). The reel on the rod also facilitates the fishing of large fish. The reel is capable of accommodating typically 30m to 400m of fishing line. Fishing reel parts are made of ceramics, carbon fiber, plastic and metal (aluminum, duralumin, stainless steel, titanium, bronze).

There are three main types of fishing reels: fly reels, spinning reels and bait casting reels.

Fly Reels

Fly reel has a simple and unpretentious design. Appeared before all other coils. In the spinning version, it requires some training before use due to the fact that in order to avoid crossing the fishing line and, as a consequence, the formation of the so-called “beard”, the reel drum needs to be slowed down when casting.

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels – a compact modification of the fly reel, equipped with mechanisms for braking the spool and gear mechanism, allowing you to get the necessary speed of wiring when using a spool of small diameter. Baitcasting reels designed for casting as a rule provided with a line bale. A particularly powerful multipliers used in trolling, some models of which are inserted in the counters given /podmahivala line.

Spinning Reels

The most common and most common anglers around the world use spinning reels, open or closed type (spin cast reels).

Spinning reels are complex in design, but easy to operate (do not allow the formation of “beard” — tangling fishing line when casting). When casting, the fishing line escapes from the end of the spool (the axis is located longitudinally to the rod) only in the amount necessary for casting. The angler remains only to return to the place the arc of laccolites, ensuring that the fishing line got on the roller Desolace.

The weight of the spinning reels ranges from 150 to several hundred grams. Depending on the power of the spinning rod and fishing conditions, the selection of a specific coil is required. You can not do the wiring stubborn bait with a weak small reel. At the same time, fishing for ultra-light lures requires delicate tackle.

Any spinning reel has a number of characteristics designed primarily for its proper selection in accordance with the fishing conditions and the estimated size of the trophy.

Gear ratio – a characteristic showing the ratio of the revolution of the handle of the coil and the number of revolutions of the spool. It is marked with a colon and often has the form 5.2: 1, 4.5: 1, and so on. A standard gear ratio is considered a ratio from 5.0 to 5.5 per one turn of the handle. Reels with a lower gear ratio are considered traction and are designed to catch large and strong fish. Coils with increased gear ratios are used mainly where long casts are made. There are also models of multiplier coils equipped with a gear shift knob, which allows you to choose a lower and normal gear.

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