Things to Carry in Your Fishing Tackle Box

Going fishing provides you with one of the best possible ways to be able to relax especially after a rough work week. However, before you go fishing, it is important to understand the fact that not skill alone is required. For you to be a fisherman that is successful your angling skill is required but also you must have basic supplies/items.

The contents that you will carry on your best fishing tackle box often will depend on the fish type that you are planning to catch and also your personal preference. Consequently, here are some of the basic items that should be contained in your fishing tackle box before heading out.

Needle Nose Pliers

Having nose pliers is able to help you during different scenarios. Needle nose pliers come in handy when you are handling hooks that are small and burdensome to your naked fingers.

Additionally, having extra needle nose pliers can benefit you in terms of de-hooking a fresh catch. If the hook is swallowed deeper down, retrieving it from the fish mouth becomes difficult. Using needle nose pliers makes the work of de-hooking easier and safer for you and the fish.

Sunscreen and insect repellent

Fishing often involves being exposed to the sun all day and excess exposure to the sun can have negative effects on your health. To prevent skin cancer and the usual effects of exposure to the sun for longer periods, simply apply a sunscreen to your skin. Furthermore, when you are fishing, there are high chances that you will receive some irritating visitors in the form of mosquitoes, flies, and bugs.

That is why you will need an insect repellent. Make sure that before you head out that you have packed both sunscreen and insect repellent in your best fishing tackle box.


The combination of a worm and a hook is too light and therefore not able to sink deeply. For that reason, you will need a weight/sinker to be attached to the fishing rig to add some extra needed weight.

Most people who have gone to many fishing expeditions will tell you that they have lost sinkers in plenty. It is therefore important that you have extra sinkers.

Note that sinkers are made from different materials including lead, steel, brass, and bismuth. The use of sinkers made from lead is increasingly being outlawed because of environmental reasons and therefore it is better to avoid them.

Extra hooks

It is advised that you carry in your fishing tackle box replacement hooks of a variety of sizes. Different sizes of hooks are essential for you to be able to catch different species of fish. Trust me; you do not want to find yourself in a position where you are fishing for a river trout using a hook meant for a catfish of 120 pounds.


These necessities when packed in your best fishing tackle box will guarantee you that your fishing expedition is safer, enjoyable and productive. It is also important to stress the fact that the items provided above are not exhaustive. There are other basic items that you should bring along when you go fishing.

Some of these other items deserving honorable mention include gloves, extra line, plastic worms, bobbers, and even a few munchies. Ensure that you go through this item list provided every time you want to go fishing. I understand that this small exercise may eat a bit of your time but you will see that it is worth it.

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