Preparing for a hunting escapade involves a lot of packing. Having the best hunting backpack for the mission is essential. Having your hands free is really crucial for hunting and a good backpack will allow you this Hunting is a highly physical activity which and coupled with all the things you need for it can be physically exhausting. A good backpack allows you to pack up as much as you can, have your hands free, have things well organized for ease of reach and enjoy comfort and ergonomics.

Here is our review of the Badlands 2200 camouflage backpack which has one of the best hunting backpack reviews.

The Badlands 2200 Camouflage Backpack Review


Meat shelf – If you are a successful hunter then you need a way to carry your game without contaminating it with the hunting gear. The Badlands 2200 features a meat shelf located at the bottom and that is excluded from the rest of the contents of the bag to keep your game clean. It is also functional because it can hold quite a lot of game. Back straps – the bag comes with back straps that allow you to strap on your rifle or bow so you have your hands free when hiking through the woods. The straps are durable and well stitched so they can comfortably hold the weight of your rifle or bow. For more hunting packs reviews visit 

Hydration – With this backpack, you need not stop to access your drinks on the side pockets. It has an ingenious way of running the hydration tubes up to your chest where you can easily access a drink whenever you need it. You save time and strength since you don’t need to stop or take the backpack off anytime you need to drink.

Aluminum Frame – The bag is surrounded by an aluminum frame which keeps it sturdy and transfers weight to your hips and away from the spine. The frame also enables the bag to take your body shape effectively transferring the weight of the load to the lower back.

Multiple Pockets – You get a total of eight pockets and a total capacity of 2250 CI. The pockets are compartmentalized properly so you can gain access to all the things you need with ease. You can organize all the things you need easily in the compartments given for easy, quick access when the need arises.

Back panel Access – If you need quick access to the main pockets without getting them all the way off, you have a zippered back panel access that allows you quick access to the contents of the bag.

Fabric – The backpack is made using a fabric called KXO-32 which is dubbed the quietest, durable and waterproof material in the hunting world. It does not give away your position as you move and protects your things when it rains.

The Badlands 2200 Camouflage Backpack Review


  •  Waterproof material for wet weather
  •  Ergonomic design for comfort and proper weight distribution.-Spacious
  •  Proper back support
  •  Can carry almost anything you need for a hunting expedition.
  •  It is highly durable with a lifetime warranty.
  •  Easy access to contents in the bag while on the move.
  •  Can be used for other activities besides just hunting


  •  May not be very comfortable for really short people.
  •  does not come with the water tubes for hydration.
  •  It has only one main pocket.
  •  it is quite pricey.

If you are looking for a backpack that will make your hunting escapades fun, functional and comfortable while still allowing you to bring back your catch then you need to consider the Badlands 2200 backpack. It is highly durable and allows you to pack up all you need for a hunting expedition. We highly recommend the Badlands 2200.

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