Sewing Machine Buying Guide

We have prepared a small guide to guide you and choose the best model when you buy your new Sewing Machine.

Knowing a series of basic issues that you have to keep in mind, will facilitate the correct choice of the most suitable machine and that should best cover the needs of sewing for many years.

It is very important to be clear about what uses you will be given, how much budget we have for the investment and what your most important needs are. The more advanced a sewing machine is, the more functions will be available and the price will be higher. The purchase of an advanced machine if you do not go to work indicated for it can get to completely demotivate for being too technical.

Before buying the first sewing machine you should ask yourself a few questions, such as the level of experience you have, the space available to store it, if you need it to be portable, the frequency of use and the projects you will carry out with it is also important.

Below we propose a list of questions with several factors that should influence the purchase of a sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Buying Guide

What Kind of Seam Are You Going to Make?

There are 3 types that are: Utility stitches like invisible hems or multi-zigzag stitches. The decorative stitches to personalize the clothes or the flexible stitches to use with elastic fabrics such as lycra.

  • Utility Stitches: In invisible hems, multi-zigzag stitches.
  • Flexible Stitches: In stretch fabrics (for fabrics such as lycra).
  • Decorative Stitches: Are those that you can use to decorate or customize your clothes.

What Use Are You Going to Give to the Sewing Machine?

We must think about current needs and also in the future. A real evaluation of the case is needed to avoid buying a sewing machine that does not meet our expectations both for having too few functions and too many.

Where Is the Sewing Machine Used?

An important factor to rule out several models. You can use it in different places like a sewing room, in the living room, on a dining table, etc.

What Kind of Sewing Machine Do I Need?

The electric ones work by motor that is controlled by a pedal, allowing to use both hands to work better. The stitch type is selected by a dial. It is the type of machine most used to sew at home.

The Computerized are for advanced users looking for a more functional machine to expand knowledge. They work using several motors that control various functions of the sewing machine. They are very precise machines thanks to the large number of available stitches, which are selected on a digital screen.

Overlocks are machines to give a professional finish to clothes. They are a great complement to make the hems or sew woven garments.

Does Much Plastic in the Parts of a Machine Mean Worse Quality?

It does not have to be this way. Some people think that sewing machines with metal parts have an advantage of more confidence, but this is not real, since these metal parts require more maintenance and lubrication and are designed for a constant use of the machine.

The plastic parts make the sewing machine much lighter in case of transport or storage and also need less maintenance. Another advantage is that the price is lower.

Which Buttonhole System Is the Best?

For tastes, it depends on the frequency with which you need to make eyelets. It is very important to verify the procedure of the ojalador since a poorly made eyelet can completely destroy a piece already finished.

Some machines are made manually, others are done in 4 steps and some have direct automatic eyelets.

What Accessories Does Your Machine Include?

Important question In some cases it is necessary to make additional costs to use all the functions of the sewing machine. Try that all the accessories you need are included with the machine itself as you will save a significant amount. The accessories and accessories are usually quite expensive.

Any More Relevant Aspect to Make the Last Decision?

Depending on its use you should see if it is silent or if it vibrates a lot. Depending on the importance that you give to these levels but that you should keep in mind. The level of vibration is important because it can be uncomfortable when sewing and can cause the machine to slide if it is not properly fixed.

Sewing Machine Buying Guide


Remember that it is important that the machine sews fast, but it matters more than to properly slide the fabric, that it penetrates thick fabrics and that the quality of the stitch is the same at any speed.

Guarantee and Maintenance Service always. Find out about the brand before making the purchase. It must have a 2-year warranty and have a wide national support of technical service centers as well as having a wide selection of accessories.

Knowing the manufacturer of your machine can give you confidence based on your reputation. The experience of other people can be a good recommendation.

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