There are many people who wonder if “it is possible to spot whales on board a kayak “. The answer is affirmative, of course, it is possible. And it is that every year, thousands of gray whales start their journey between Alaska and Mexico, and when they finish, they start their trip back home. These whales travel from the food areas of the Bering Sea to procreate in the lagoons of Baja California, in Mexico.


Is It Possible to Spot Whales on Board a Kayak?


The whales are one of the most amazing migrations. And both on cruises and in kayaks, they are easily visible by people. But the goal is to choose a trip that aims to see the whales, in addition to traveling with some professionals on board and enjoy more of this beautiful experience.

Spotting Whales on a Kayak, Is It Possible?

As we already told you, we are facing one of the most surprising migrations. Whether you are on board a kayak or any type of boat, it is an impressive sight.

In some cases, they can be sighted even by the ocean. But we always recommend going with a professional on board, because of the whales, although they are harmless, throw strong jets of water and you could splash the kayak or even throw yourself if you go very close. It is important to go on a guided tour and keep the distances. Remember that your sea ​​kayak does not protect you from this type of blows, so be careful.

But if you want to see whales while going on a kayak trip, you should know that you will not find them in every corner, only in places where they occur and tend to appear. It is important that you choose a journey that will assure you that you will see whales, so as not to take a disappointment with your trip and enjoy it to the fullest. At least, now you know that it is not a myth and that it can be seen.

Where Can I See Gray Whales?

Gray whales can be found in many places on the map, and it is said that up to 8 ideal places to contemplate. But on the coast of California, you can live an incredible attraction with whales. It is a way of contemplating something amazing that you do not see every day.


Is It Possible to Spot Whales on Board a Kayak?


If you like to go kayaking and want to discover the whales in your journey, it is an adventure and an experience that you will never forget. Have you had any doubts? Do you want more tips to get started on these crossings? Write to us, because we can help you with everything you need. We are here to explain any questions you may have about kayaking.

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