How to Improve Your Bowfishing Accuracy

People do fishing either for economical purposes, as a hobby or as a recreational activity by use of different fishing methods one of them being bow fishing. Bowfishing is a fishing method that uses archery equipment which is specialized to shoot and retrieve fish from water sources.

For a fisherman, you might have been practicing fishing for long using the bowfishing method and it does not work out as per your expectations and you are there wondering what should you do to improve your bowfishing, how can you make your fishing activity successful?

Every person desires to be successful in everything they do. Let this not give you a headache there are tips you should keep into consideration so as facilitate accuracy in your daily activity.

Tips To Ensure Your Bowfishing Accuracy Is Improved

1. Ensure that your bow is set properly

Setting your bow properly will ensure that the arrow will fly direct and this reduces your missing chances to hit the fish. After ensuring that the bow is set on your desired angle the check on your sight pin to ensure that they have been dialed in.

2. Put on a good pair of polarized glasses

Good polarized glasses will help you to see the fish clearly and easily without much straining during the day, ensure that the pair of glasses you have fits your face properly that it might not fall into the water when focusing on the fish.

3. Ensure you use the excellent arrows for bowfishing

To ensure that your accuracy is improved, consider using the best arrows which don’t have fletching. Fletching makes the fishing process hard and also they bring in unnecessary heaviness. Lighter arrows will make your fishing accurate.

4. Forego the boat and wade in the water for

Shallow fish When fish is on shallow water don’t try to shoot it when standing on the dock of the boat, get out of the boat and wade in water then focus on the fish and shoot it. It is normally very difficult to shoot a fish which is shallow when you are in the boat.

5. Learn submerged shootings

In some cases, the fish seem to appear very high in water because water has refracted light but in a real sense, the fish is deeper down in the water. Get to practice shooting deeper when bowfishing to minimize the risks of missing as maybe you released a shallow shot and yet the fish was beneath the water surface.


Use of best glock sights will help you improve your shooting especially when you are practicing bowfishing in the dark or at night. It makes it easy for you to see in an easy and clear way, this improves your bowfishing accuracy thus you won’t miss any shoot even if the amount of light is very low.

Improving your bowfishing accuracy will enable you to get a massive catch of fish and also enjoy the whole fishing process. It is now easier for you if either you are fishing in the dark or in the light you can still manage to shoot the fish accurately.

Bowfishing is one of the best and enjoyable methods of fishing to practice when you are fishing in rivers. By applying the tips above you will see the results by yourself after a short while. Get started now and enjoy your success.

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