Fishing requires a lot of tools, one such tool is a fishing lure. You need to make sure that you have the right fishing lure for the job. However, it turns out to be a hard task to pick the best, due to the numerous varieties available. To pick the best, you have to consider a few factors such as; the waters you are fishing, the season, and the weather. These factors determine the kind of lure which will look tasty to the species of fish you are trying to catch. There are various types of fishing lures to select from, all depending on the size, shape, color. Below are the best fishing lures.

Surface Lures

These are lures that are accessed along the water surface and are fun as the fish bursts out of the water to catch the bait. They are great for fishing in waters with a lot of weed species, as they stay on top and are less tangled with weeds. Surface Lures are available in all sorts of colors and shapes. It’s fun to buy them from the store and get one that suits you best.


This simple metal lure looks like a spoon. When you find them, they make a wobbly movement that is alluring to the fish. They are cheap and quite simple to use, so they are an excellent choice for beginners.


This kind of fishing lure has a rotating blade and the rotating motion emits a reflection that mimics the light flashed by the fish scales in the water. When restoring a spinner, you can change the speed you restore to look like a wounded fish. If you’re selecting a good pike lure, a big spinner might be good, but if you choose a mullet or trout, go for the small size.

Jerk Baits

The baits cannot move on their own, but the fisherman can shake them and give them life like an injured fish or a worm. You throw the bait into the water and then perform a sudden movement with your rod, which imitates the moves of a wounded fish so that it looks like a delicious snack for the fish you want to attract.

Soft Lures

These lures are soft, they look like long worms or frogs or many other shapes. Generally, these are used with a weighted template head and are removed slowly or with sudden movements.

Floating Divers

This kind of angling bait sinks into the water after being thrown and can reach depths of up to 15 feet or more. Every floor is made for a different depth and this relies upon the angle of the bait. If you want a lure that goes deeper try bait with a smaller angle. Relying upon the depth of the water in which your target fish hangs, the kind of lure suits you best.

Deadly Diamond Lures

This is small fishing bait that measures less than 1 ounce and is used to catch small fish. It is cut up with a diamond shape and the light is reflected in it, so it attracts the fish. These baits are usually used for walleye and crappy, although they are also good for other small species.


Fishing lures are made to resemble the real fish and are made manually because no one has perfected the machine for it. The lure comes with single, double or triple hooks. And note, these lures are used together with the rods, reels and the lines.

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