The most important element of the modern fishing rod was the fishing reel. It allows you to make long casts throws and also helps the owner to win the fight with trophy fish. Today, you can choose the best fishing reel for a tackle from three categories.

Non-inertial coils or ” meat grinders ” have gained immense popularity due to convenience, universality, reliability, and availability. Such models are used both by beginner floaters and spinners and by masters of feeder fishing and carp fishing. “Meat grinders” differ in size, gear ratio, weight, brake system design.

Multiplier coils are gaining popularity in individual fishing segments. They are mini winches, they have extraordinary strength, due to which they have an advantage over inertia-free models.

A special design allows you to make longer distances baits. Of the shortcomings, experts note the inconvenience of using. Most often, multipliers are used in trolling and jig fishing.

Inertial coils many anglers consider archaic. Drum models do not allow for long casts, the beginners constantly get entangled in the line, forming “beards.” However, modern models with a slight rotation of the drum win when fishing in the wiring. The line descends rectilinearly under the force of the current.

We present you the rating of the best fishing reels for different methods of fishing – according to the reviews of fishermen and experts.

The Best Feeder Coils

Daiwa Infinity-X 5500BR

best fishing reelsThe inertia reel Daiwa Infinity-X 5500BR received flattering reviews from carp fishing masters. The distinctive features of this model are incredibly long casting and the highest level of winding lines.

The spool has a hard rim made of titanium, which is covered with a layer of cermets. Such protection minimizes the abrasive effect on the spool of braided cords. Smooth work is provided by five stainless steel bearings.

The ratio of 4.2: 1 in combination with a large spool of 5500 allows you to extract the rig from the water quickly. The Bytranner is equipped with a convenient switching lever. The weight of the coil is 795 g. The best in our rating coil for carp fishing.

The main advantages

  • The anticorrosive coating on all parts;
  • Attractive design;
  • Absolute balancing;
  • A suitable clamp of the stapler of the forest depositor.


  • High price.

Shimano Catana 2500 FC

best fishing reelsThe features of Shimano Catana 2500 FC inertia-free coil are the availability of control systems for the line and two-speed spooling. They ensure smooth running and smooth winding of the line.

The model also has an innovative backstop locking system. The gear ratio meets the requirements of feeder fans 5.2: 1. The design provides two ball and one roller bearings.

The capacity of the aluminum bobbin is 240 m when using a 0.2 mm line. In the kit, there is a spare spool made of graphite.

The weight of the meat grinder is 260 g. The adjustment of the clutch is located in the front. In addition to excellent technical characteristics, the model has a stylish design that attracts the attention of anglers. The best coil for a pique.

The main advantages

  • high-quality and reliable materials;
  • smooth running;
  • attractive appearance.


  • A small number of bearings.

Ryobi ECUSIMA 3000

best fishing reelsA distinctive feature of the inertial coil Ryobi ECUSIMA 3000 is power and durability. The weight of the meat grinder is 302 grams, the gear ratio is 5.0: 1.

On the spool, it is possible to wind 160 m of a fishing line with a diameter of 0.33 mm. The braking system is characterized by fine-tuning due to the small step of the clutch.

The mechanism of “meat grinder” is perfectly balanced, which makes it possible to compete on equal terms with more expensive models. For smooth rotation, there are four ball and one roller bearings.

The body is made of a metal alloy, the durability of the spool ensures the deposition of titanium nitride. The line is of high quality even when the load is high. The best in our rating is the budgetary coil for the feeder.

The main advantages

  • power and reliability;
  • affordable price;
  • good balancing system.


  • a tool is required to change the handle.

The Best Jig Coils

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur SX-6600 (6601)

best fishing reelsAmbassadeur SX 6600 (right-handed) or SX-6601 (left-handed) is designed for spinning with casting with baits weighing up to 50 g.

The frame body in combination with a cover made of aviation aluminum gives strength and lightness. Aluminum spool allows you to use braided cords with a diameter of up to 0.35 mm.

The gear ratio 5,3: 1 provides effective survival of the captured predator. The forestry capacity of the bobbin is 230 m of filament 0.38 mm thick. The mass of the multiplier is 320 g.

For smooth rotation in the coil, there are three ball and one roller bearings. The best in our ranking is the multiplier for the heavy jig.

The main advantages

  • the wear-resistant coating on the eye of a forest stalker;
  • quality control bite;
  • maneuverability and ergonomics.


  • On the river, the weight of the bait should be limited to 40 g.


best fishing reelsThe inertial coil RYOBI EXCIA MX 3000 is classified as a fishing bestseller. The popularity of the model is provided by well thought-out ergonomics and high-quality materials.

The gear ratio of the model corresponds to the indicator of 4.9: 1. Smooth running is provided by eight ball and one roller bearings.

It is convenient to use the front clutch with fine adjustment. Stable work and high-quality winding with jigging are possible thanks to an endless screw.

The durability of the perforated spool is attached to the rim of titanium nitride. The mass of the product is only 290 g. The forestry capacity of the bobbin is 300 m monofilament 0.2 mm. The best budget fishing reel for jig masters.

The main advantages

  • convenient folding of the handle;
  • fine adjustment of the clutch;
  • durable, trouble-free work;
  • the cross winding the line.


  • a noisy logging roller.


best fishing reelsFor fishing for jig baits of different sizes, the inertia reel Mikado CRYSTAL LINE 3006 FD is suitable. It has a front clutch adjustment, an instantaneous stop is located behind in the form of a flag.

The body is made of graphite, two spools are included. One is made of graphite, the other spool is made by duralumin with a coating of rails with titanium nitride.

For smooth running in the design, there are five ball and one roller bearings. The gear ratio of the meat grinder corresponds to a value of 5.5: 1. The spool 3000 holds 120 m.

The weight of the product is 303 g. The handle can be rearranged. The best inexpensive universal reel for the jig.

The main advantages

  • affordable price;
  • high build quality;
  • good range.


  • when winding the fishing line, a palpation is felt.

The Best Coils for Tweaking


best fishing reelsIn the inertial coil, SHIMANO TWIN POWER 15 2500S embodied all the innovations and advanced technologies.

Distinctive features of the model were the strength of the case, water resistance, and transmission power. Smooth rotation of all mechanisms provides ten bearings.

Convenient front-mounted friction and light weight of 240 g make the “meat grinder” comfortable while fishing. The gear ratio of the model is 5.2: 1.

Due to the rigidity of the Hagane case, the manufacturer managed to reduce the vibration of the mechanism at high loads. 12 types of coatings are used to protect parts from corrosion. The best premium fishing coil for twitching.

The main advantages

  • Reliability and durability;
  • The perfect winding of the line;
  • Protection from self-resetting staples.


  • High price.


best fishing reelsThe inertia-free fishing reel STINGER PRIORITY 2500 is the best option for beginner spinners. At an affordable price, the model has excellent technical characteristics.

Specialists especially note the good quality of the cord winding. A very successful solution was the completion of a spare metal spool with a different silvicultural capacity.

One spool is suitable for winding the braid # 0.6, on the other, it is possible to store the cord stock # 1.5. The “meat mincer” has a gear ratio of 5.2: 1, the weight of the model is 245 g.

The entire mechanism is distinguished by its smooth operation thanks to 6 ball and one roller bearings.

The main advantages

  • Do not reset the loop when aggressive twitching;
  • affordable price;
  • High-quality winding fishing line.


  • there is a backlash in the handle after several fishing trips;
  • smooth running.

The Best Coils for Ultralight

Shimano Ultegra-12 1000

best fishing reelsIn the manufacture of Shimano Ultegra-12 1000, the manufacturer used advanced technology and the latest materials.

This is the spool AR-C, and the protected bearings S A-RB in the number of 5 pieces, and the rotor from the carbon S14 +.

The coil has a rear clutch adjustment, an X-SHIP system with a ball bearing in the rear mount of the main gear mechanism.

These innovations ensure stable operation of the meat grinder during fishing, increase the resource of the main pair.

The weight of the product is 180 g, the gear ratio is 5.0: 1. In the kit, there is a protective cover. The best inertial coil for connoisseurs of ultralight.

The main advantages

  • the flawless winding of the line;
  • improved reverse brake;
  • easy and smooth running.


  • annual maintenance is required.

Daiwa REVROS E 1500 A

best fishing reelsThe inertia reel DAIWA REVROS E 1500 A has managed to gain popular recognition. The manufacturer introduced the latest technical developments in this series. In the coil, there are three ball and one roller bearings of high quality.

The unique spool with the ABS-II system is made of durable material. The large diameter of the bobbin contributes to the better work of the clutch and the increased winding speed of the line.

Thanks to the lightweight body, the total weight of the meat grinder is 225 grams. 140 m of monofilament 0.2 mm can be wound on the spool.

The gear ratio of the coil mechanism is 4.8: 1. The best inexpensive fishing reel for ultralight.

The main advantages

  • reliability and durability;
  • lightness and comfort;
  • resistance to water and sand.


  • many fakes from China and Vietnam

Top Coils for Trolling


best fishing reelsThe multiplier coil SALMO DIAMOND TROLL 5 is designed specifically for trolling. The graphite body is reinforced with steel side rings.

He can withstand the maximum load when the trophy is fished. The presence of the built-in counter allows you to monitor the distance to the bait during the wiring.

The multiplier is equipped with five bearings, multi-disk braking system. The line is uniformly placed on the aluminum spool due to the wire forest depositor.

The mass of the model is 534 g, the transfer ratio is 4.2: 1. The coil accommodates 270 m of the fishing line 0.5 mm thick. The best budget multiplier for trolling.

The main advantages

  • the uniform winding of the line;
  • presence of an instant reverse stop stopper;
  • quality ratchet brake.


  • inaccurate meter reading.


best fishing reelsThe inertial coil RYOBI ZAUBER 3000 anglers have already entered the category of classics. The model is robust and reliable, which makes it possible to use it in trolling.

In the “meat grinder,” a distinctive feature is the tubular staple of the woodcutter. This design provides excellent winding, minimizes the formation of loops.

The coil is equipped with an endless screw, which is responsible for smooth running. The gear ratio for the model is 5.1: 1, the product weight is 305 g.

The spool holds 200 m of fishing line with a diameter of 0.235 mm. The quiet operation of the mechanism is due to bearings 8 + 1. The best inertia-free fishing reel for trolling.

The main advantages

  • excellent balancing;
  • reliable aluminum alloy casing;
  • presence of instant anti-reverse.


in the cold, anti-reversal sometimes does not work;

many cheap counterfeits.

Top Coils for Float Fishing Tackle

Shimano Rarenium 3000

best fishing reelsThe inertia reel Shimano Rarenium 3000 is perfect for a match fishing rod. With a mass of “meat grinder” 205 g, it is much lighter than its competitors.

For the manufacture of the case, a unique composite Shimano Cl4 + is used, which ensures the weightlessness of the structure. But the relief of the coil did not affect the strength and reliability.

The model has seven bearings, which make the rotation easy and quiet. The gear ratio of the “meat grinder” is 5.0: 1.

The forestry capacity of the bobbin is 140 m monofilament 0.25 mm. For one turn of the handle, 73 cm of fishing line is wound on the spool. The best match fishing reel.

The main advantages

  • the absence of loops during casting;
  • the wear-resistant coating on the spool;
  • a reliable spring of a wood-setter.


  • high price.

Which Fishing Reel Is Better to Buy?

Before you go to the store for a fishing reel, it is important to determine for yourself several important factors. Then the choice will be made quickly and correctly.

First, it is necessary to establish for yourself the financial limits of the forthcoming purchase. For beginners, it is best to look for quality models in the budget segment. Do not be shy, rejecting the seller’s expensive offers. When the buyer knows exactly what he wants, the seller makes sure that he is a professional.

Masters of fishing, athletes, and experts know exactly the parameters that should be on their reel. The price of the question often does not stop when they find the best fishing reel.

Decide on the way of catching. Then it will turn out to pick up a good coil with a set of the most necessary qualities. Versatility is good for those who in fishing more appreciate rest than catching the trophy.

Listen to the advice of friends and colleagues who have experience in fishing. If you are fishing in the same boat, maybe the tackle is similar. Compare the advice received with the experts’ opinion on the fishing forums.

After all this thinking, arm yourself with determination and buy a fishing reel. Success on the water!

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