Fishing License

The sport fishing license is a document that must be processed by any person who wishes to practice fishing recreationally in the United States. All states have their own licenses, so having only that of Florida, for example, would not work if the fisherman wishes to go fishing in Alabama.

There is more than one type of fishing license, so you should pay attention to which one corresponds to each one when requesting it. The different types of license are:

  • Non-Federated: it is the license that must be processed by all that person not associated with any club. It is valid for one year from its date of issue.
  • Federated: is the license that must be requested by those who are associated with a club. It lasts a year and has no cost.
  • Contest: enables its bearer to participate in competitions. Whoever has the annual license does not require this license.
  • Tourist: it lasts 20 days.
  • Under 14 years: it has no cost.

Senior citizens: they can obtain their license free of charge by presenting a credential proving their situation. In addition, this license does not expire. All those over 65 years, in the case of men, and 60 years, in the case of women, who reside in the Province of Buenos Aires can apply for this card even without enjoying the benefit of retirement.

Disabled: by presenting the disability certificate issued by a public hospital, people with some type of disability can apply for a sport fishing license free of charge and without expiration.

How to Obtain a Sport Fishing License?

The fishing license can be processed online. There are different website from where you can buy these licenses. For example from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart fishing license.

The first step is to enter any of the above. There you must enter the link that says “Licenses for Sport Fishing”. Once on that page, the interested party will be asked to complete their type and document number. Under these fields you will find the different types of licenses that can be requested. The one to be obtained must be selected by clicking on the circle below the desired option.

It must then be accepted by pressing the Request button. Then a form will be opened in which the personal data of the fisherman will be requested. The data must be completed and, once this is done, click on “Print the payment slip”.

A clarification on this point is that it is required to have Adobe Reader to open the ticket, so if the computer on which the request is being made does not have that program, you must proceed to download it (which can be done for free). Once the payment slip has been obtained, the amount indicated where the payment must be paid. The same payment voucher counts as enabling permission to carry out the activity.

Anyway, 72 hours after the payment has been made, the fishing card can be obtained online. In order to obtain it, the first steps of the application instructions will have to be repeated. These are: enter the page of the Ministry of Agribusiness, complete the name and ID of the applicant and select the type of fishing license that was requested previously. Then, the system will automatically enable card printing.

Licenses that have no cost, which are those of, retirees, women over 60, men over 65, under 14 and those of people with disabilities, can be obtained simply by completing their form and selecting the type of license that is requested. Then the system will automatically enable the card to be printed.

It is important to apply for a sport fishing license before proceeding to practice it since Fishing Law establishes that the offender will be sanctioned with a fine of a $50 upto $500.