Fishing Camping Essentials You Required

The summer warm weather brings out the boy/girl scout in almost everyone, leading many people to head outdoors for various expeditions such as camping trips. One of the most popular forms of camping is fishing camping because it is very exciting.

However, as the excitement builds up before the trip begins, some campers, especially first timers, tend to forget to pack some of the essential items required for the entire camping period.

This, eventually, dampens the excitement that had built earlier because without these essentials, you can neither have the best camping experience nor enjoy your summer time to the fullest. A basic list of these essential items includes:

1.Fishing Gear

This is a no brainer. Fishing gear are the most essential items for the fishing camp. It includes things such as rods, reels, lures and lines, and these help you do the actual fishing. Make sure to carry the right type of gear because each type of fishing gear is specifically designed to fish in different fishing grounds.

For instance, river fishing might not require very strong fishing gear because shallow waters might not hold very big fish. Deep waters in lakes and reservoirs on the other hand, might require strong gear so as to pull the big fish without breaking apart.

If you are heading to an organized camping ground such as in a lodge, it would be wise to inquire if they provide fishing gear because this might significantly reduce the load you carry, although most anglers would prefer carrying their own customized gear.


All camping trips take at least more than one day. During that period of time, you will need to maintain personal hygiene and part of that is cleaning up and changing to different clothes at least once daily. Therefore, clothes are very essential when packing for fishing camp.

The important thing to remember is to pack according to the weather. Summer days are usually warm and clothes like shorts, t-shirts and sneakers might be enough to keep you covered. For colder days, heavy clothes and waterproof outer garments should be packed so as to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

3.First Aid Kit

Some things are inevitable when camping. At least a cut, scratch, burn or other type of injury is bound to occur before the camping period is over. To ensure you are fully covered, carry a first aid kit so that you can treat these injuries as soon as possible before they treat you to a painful fishing camp experience

4.Survival Tools

Survival tools keep you going and make your life much easier during the camping period. These include tents – which form your temporary shelter for the night, sleeping bags – for warm and comfortable nights, knives – for slaughtering and chopping the fish, cutting tree branches etc. and shovels.

Shovels are quite useful for digging up mud next to the stuck tire, just in case your truck gets stuck as you move to set new camp bases along the river or lake shore.

Some of the best survival shovels for such a trip would be folding shovels. They are small, compact and can be folded to occupy an even smaller space when being transported.

5.Insect Repellent

During summer, a lot of insects pop up from their winter slumber. Insects such as mosquitoes and flies, which are very common as you get closer to the tropics, can be very annoying. Simply purchase and pack an insect repellent of your choice so as to keep these bugs at bay.

Fishing Camping Essentials You Required


Fishing camping cannot be enjoyed without these essential items. There are other items that are useful but far less important than the above. Whenever packing for such an occasion, always list down all the items you need according to priority so that you do not forget anything when packing and also so that you fill your truck with the most essential items first. 

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