Ice Fishing in Colorado is a game of tactics. If you have and are using the right tactics knowing the trout and their behavior by using the right equipment, you are going to win the fresh active trout in no time under the iced water. Having the right fishing line, Baitcasting Reels, bait to lure including live bait and wax baits would be helpful as well.

Trout is no doubt a kind of fish that dwell under deep water beds in hot days but come onto the top of the water layer around 5-6 feet in the shallow water. Mostly, trout are found in areas where the lakes or the water areas have a soft bed beneath as they prefer flatbeds that are softer and offer nymphs, larvae, and minnows for foraging season.

It is a thing to remember that you can find trout easily if you come up in early in the morning, after Midday or in the evening. They come up in cold water where there is more fresh oxygen and refer foraging on larvae and minnows or small organisms under water.

So, if you are planning for Colorado Ice Fishing for trout venture, you must be following some of the tips to help you catch up with the desired ones:

Colorado Ice Fishing for Trout Tips

Take Time to Study the Structure of the Lakes

As a fact when you are fishing in winter you will find iced lakes which seem a bit impossible location for the newbies. But for the pros, it is the best if they are aware of the flatbeds, weed structure, and the drop down under the water. Mark the spots using the Google maps or Fishing maps to make sure you make holes on the iced lake surface targeting the right areas. You may use a flasher to study the lake structure under the ice.

Remember not to Make Noises, Waves or Vibrations

Trout are sensitive and are found 4, 5 or 6 feet below where you are actually stepping on the ice surface of the lake. So make sure not to make vibrations, noises or create voices that may alarm the fishes under the water. Even the creaking sound of your bait and tackle bucket would let them escape easily.

Consider Casting the Bait Smoothly Without Getting Noticed

It is better to use larvae or nymphs which is the most prominent foraging source for the trouts. Also using a smooth, thin yet strong line that stays almost invisible in water so that the fishes around would not be alarmed and will only get to the attached bait. In addition to that, you have to keep the line loose enough and only tighten it up when you have the sure shot bite.

Experiment when Jigging in

For those who want to jig in, there are many possibilities to attract the trout towards it. Sometimes you may have to consider experimenting with the color as brown, yellow red under water. You may also consider tipping the tube with some scent. Some fishes may like one scent or may ignore sometime. You may experiment with that if you have got some options and time to check out the ones you have.

The Three Key Factors

The three key factors that most of the Colorado ice fishing professional agree upon when catching up with trout under iced lakes are:

  •         Knowing the target points
  •         Correct timing to target the trout
  •         Correct selection of the bait and Smooth, calm baitcasting

When you have the right information about where you would find the most trout in Colorado and have the bait, bait casting equipment and the lure that works the best, you can be sure to have the best trout fishing time.

Knowing the Trout Behavior

Knowing the behavior of the fish, their habitat, their foraging essentials and the most peculiar sense they have can help you stay conscious about all the essentials of catching them up easily.

  •       As for trout in iced lakes and underwater where you have to dig up holes to find the trout, you have to be wary of the impressive senses they have.
  •         They can sight things quite fast so you have to use the thin and transparent looking fishing line so that you may deceive them easily.
  •         Using the smoother bait caster with no noise may help a lot as they have a strong sense to detect vibrations around them.
  •         They smell fast as well so make sure to cover your odors using the lure scents that may attract instead of letting them know you are there to catch them up.

It is better to cast your fishing line with the lure that works best and stay calm until you have to fight back with the one that just has bitten your bait.

We hope that you will find some or most probably all of these proven tips for catching up with trout in Colorado like a pro.

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