Hard body lures are the lure of choice for most fishermen, followed closely by soft plastics. Hard body lures are solid lures made of either hard plastic, wood or metal, most have a diving bib at the front that angles down into the water to obtain various depths. Other types such as surface hard body lures are known as poppers while sinking style lures are known as lipless crankbaits.

The most popular type of hard body is the diving lure, however, the explanation of colors can work for every type of hard body.

1: Fishing lures for bright direct sun waterways in clear conditions

In direct sun, fish often have a constant yellow/orange/ red glow when looking up to the surface, for this reason, the way to tell what the fish is seeing is simple, it’s basically the same color as the water you are looking at on the surface. The depths of the water will reflect these similar colors.

When the surface of the water looks yellow, orange or reddish in direct sun, the ideal lure to use is actually one of the same watercolors. This is primarily because when using non-realistic pattern lures, the fish will be more attracted to the movement in the water than the actual visual appearance of the lure, when the fish can’t completely make out what your lure is, and just sees a basic shape moving in the water, they are more likely to strike out.

2: Fishing lures for clear water blue appearance on the surface

In waterways where the surface is a blue color, the best hard body fishing lures you can use are lures of the same color, blues or a mixture of blue and white, blue and silver or blue and black often work well. Aside from this, silver and white lures also do well in these conditions.

3: Fishing lures for muddy water with a brown appearance

In these muddy/dirty water conditions often found in ponds, lakes and streams, the best bet is either a dark colored lure such as dark brown or black or a very bright color such as a white or bright yellow.

4: Fishing lures for all conditions / best all-rounders

When it comes to fishing in all conditions, the type of lure that will always work is those in a realistic pattern, if they look real to you, then the fish is often going to see it the same way. While fishing for the conditions above will always be more productive than using realistic lures, the realistic lures will often induce a reaction strike upon the fish actually sighting the lure. They don’t stand out as well to fish however as the individual colors for specific conditions, but they will always be around 50+ percent more productive than the wrong lure in the wrong conditions.

In Summary

When using fishing lures keep these ideas in mind, cheaper lures in more basic colors can be more productive and catch more fish, it will also save you a bit of money as the development and production of realistic lures are far more expensive than basic simple colors.

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