Carp fishing holiday destination in France

We spend ages dreaming about our carp fishing holiday destination in France. We check-out the best places to go. We prepare all our fishing gear and eventually, the big moment comes and we are all set to go. It is then we find out whether our choice of destination is a good one. In this article, we will look more closely at what makes the perfect destination. It is clear that France is a great destination for your carp fishing holiday, just because of the sheer number of lakes and rivers. It is said that France can offer more potential destinations than all of the rest of Europe, but which destinations are truly the best?

Lakes Containing Big Fish

You can catch 20lb and 30lb carp at your local fishery, it is nice to go somewhere that has bigger specimens. The following lakes have some 40 pounders and even contain some real monsters at 70lb and 80lb.

Lac de Villedon

One of the best-kept secrets is Lac de Villedon, located between Poitiers and Limoges, around690km from Calais. The lake is about 100 acres. This is a lake for those who want a real challenge with the possibility of a 70lb catch. The lake is well-stocked, but of course, with such a large lake there is a challenge. The lake has over 1,200 carp with an average weight of 33lbs. Paul, the Dutch owner, has created a beautiful environment with a lake stocked with big fish. Well worth a visit.


Maurepaire is a 37-acre lake located adjacent to the Natural Reserve Forêt d’Orient in the Champagne region. The lake is relatively shallow and is free of obstacles. The lake has a lot of carp ranging between 40ib and 60lb. The largest carp is Bridgette weighing over 70lb. The lake is open from March to the middle of August. Maurepaire has eight swims that accommodate about 12 anglers. When I visited it was a really hot day and a big problem was how little shade was available.

Lac de Cavagnac

In my opinion, if you are looking for a great carp fishing holidays in France, then Lac de Cavagnac is worthy of serious consideration. The lake contains carp as big as 85lb. Half of the 1,000 carp are over 40lbs. Once again, it’s a big lake, so more challenging than some destinations. The lake is open from March through to November. The lake is located just outside Bournazel, in the Aveyronnaise Valley. That is about 45 minutes from Calais and is managed by David together with his brother Arny, who both speak great English and are a pleasure to chat to.

So what are you waiting for? Spring is a great time for Carp Fishing in France, but so too is the autumn. Check on the availability of your chosen destination and start to get your gear together. Don’t forget to book your ferry and remember that certain sailings are cheaper. All preparations are now complete and all that is left for me to say in “Bon Voyage”!

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