Are you planning an adventurous hunting trip? If yes, you probably already know that you will need to pack so many things to ensure you survive even in the worst situations during your adventure. The Badlands Superday Pack is the best bow hunting backpack for you in that case.

With multiple pockets of various sizes, the backpack offers space for all possible itineraries you can ever need on your hunting trip. It is not just a utility bag, but it also has the kind of flair that will leave everyone you meet on the way throwing those furtive glances, thanks to its sleek design.

Best Reviews of the Badlands Superday Pack

Space Availability

The Badlands Superday pack will allow you to accommodate bows, rifles, and other hunting weapons you may require on your adventurous journey. The molded foam suspension makes the backpack convenient to be carried on any part of your body.

It has an inbuilt holster for your sidearm and its features are so designed that it also allows water to haul. There is a total of seven pockets and three compartments in the bag to help you adjust all the basic items for your trip.

Lifetime Warranty

An adventurous trip to any place implies carrying a heavy baggage. Isn’t it? Badlands Superday Pack is there to let you experience an adventurous trip without even realizing you are bearing such a heavy load on you.

The best part is that it comes with Badlands warranty that promises to fix any issues relating to the backpack for free, forever. Even better, the warranty is applicable even if the backpack is bought from the second-hand store.

What Of The Color Scheme?

It is available in AP color. Though there is no color option available for adventure lovers, they still prefer these backpacks. The Adaptive Coloration technology has been incorporated in developing these bags.

With the help of this technology, the actual color of the bag is allowed to adapt to the color of the background the users are in. This, as you know, will enable you to stalk your prey till you are within accuracy distance.

Ingenious Technology

There are two technologies that have been used to create the Badlands Superday Pack – Aramid fibers and Hypalon. The yellow bar-tacks that you see on the backpack are aramid fibers, the chain molecules that are hugely oriented to the fiber axis that, in turn, exploit the strength of the chemical bonding.

This makes each of the fibers capable of lifting 110lbs. The Hypalon technology is reinforcement considered to have the highest strength. Still, it is flexible enough to make the carrying of loads convenient.


  •    Super comfortable molded foam suspension
  •    Hip-belt pistol holster
  •    Waist belt pockets
  •    Adjustable rifle boot
  •    Durable KXO 32 camo fabric


  •    No color options
  •    No international shipping is allowed


Badlands Superday Pack is quite a comfortable and has been designed to ensure no user has to go through the stress of carrying heavy luggage. Additionally, buying something of the desired color is a great experience.

And if you go through some hunting backpack reviews and read the disappointments people face in choosing a hunting bag, you will realize why many customers have termed this as the real deal. Other than that, Badlands Superday Pack serves all the possible purposes of the adventurous travelers, and hence it’s 4.5 stars for the awesomely designed product.

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