Do you need a good watch for kayaking? Having a good heart rate monitor for kayaking. Fishing is central, and the growing popularity of smartwatches has not taken continuously the interest that runners may have in getting the best GPS watch for kayaking (or swimming and fishing), as these devices usually. They have very superior and specific features that we will not find in smart watches.

It is also clear that there is not a single GPS watch for kayaking and fishing that is the best for everyone. It will depend on your needs, and often it will be somewhat complicated to find the best option.

Some are expensive, others are more affordable, most have GPS, and a few have complete maps. We will also find a few that monitor the heart rate and others that can even be used for kayaking, fishing, swimming, cycling or sky.

In the end, we finished adding 5 GPS watches: we really believe that there are better options every time and we have not wanted to leave any outside in this complete list.


The Best Gps Watch Brands


In the world of GPS watches you can find an extensive assortment of brands to choose from, but what are the best brands when it comes to buying a quality GPS watch?

Garmin: The watch brand with GPS Garmin is presented as one of the best proposals in the market, as this brand is able to merge the best of watches with the best of GPS, resulting in truly useful, practical and easy creations to use

TomTom: Another of the star brands that must not be forgotten is the TomTom brand, direct competition from Garmin since its products combine quality, design, multifunctionality, and price. Each TomTom GPS watch is synonymous with style, endurance, and character.

Polar: The Polar brand has placed itself with great strength in the GPS watch sector, offering some of the most forward products on the market, especially for outdoor sports enthusiasts. They combine quality, design, price, and functionality at attractive prices.

1. Garmin Forerunner 10

Technical Data and Functions


This great Garmin GPS watch, available in several colors, is perfect to carry out a complete tracking of distance, pace, and calories. It has dimensions of 45.5 x 15.7 x 57.2 mm, a weight of 43 grams and a screen with a resolution of 55 x 32 pixels.

This watch is resistant to water, allowing it to be submerged up to a maximum of 50 meters underwater. This watch allows you to plan, consult and share careers in Garmin Connect. With a high sensitivity, this watch is able to identify personal records.

Note that it works with lithium-ion battery, rechargeable with the autonomy of up to 5 weeks in energy saving mode or about 5 hours in training mode. Mark both the time and the day of the week. A simple model with basic functions that are very easy to use.

Best Gps Watch for Kayaking



This watch with GPS is presented as a robust product, resistant, comfortable and with various functions. Mark the time and day, in addition to being able to track, identify records and carry out planning. It is resistant to water.



The autonomy offered in training mode can be somewhat short for some athletes. The functions offered are simple since it is a basic clock.


2. Polar M400

Technical Data and Functions


This great training watch with integrated GPS as well as activity log is perfect for activities such as swimming, fitness or running. This model is resistant to water, supporting up to 30 meters underwater. The screen of this watch has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

The housing is made of polycarbonate, PMMA, silicone, stainless steel, and TPU. The operating warmth range is -10 to 50 ° C. It offers advanced training functions and activity monitoring 24/7. It is able to measure your pace, distance, and altitude, as well as finding your way back home.

It shows the steps, distance and calories burned. It has dimensions of 7.4 x 9.5 x 11.7 cm and a weight of 54 grams. It has an alarm, altimeter, GPS, low battery indication, backlight, integrated distance meter, and Bluetooth. Ideal for athletes who want to develop their career technique.

Best Gps Watch for Kayaking



This GPS watch offers many functions that are very useful and practical, a very easy to use the watch. It is a comfortable, soft, lightweight, multifunctional watch with a modern design, sporty and at the same time elegant. It is resistant to water. It is perfect for runners.



The white clock yellows in a short time, although it is very easy to clean. The memory capacity of this watch is fair. It is not compatible with Android. It does not have alerts by vibration. The duration of the battery barely lasts between 3 and a little over 3 and a half hours.

3. TomTom Runner

Interface and Embedded Technologies


This watch with GPS and heart rate monitor in gray is a product able to combine control, quality and motivation. It offers an ultra-thin design with an extra-large screen. It allows a great control of graphics training aids and with just one button.

This heart rate monitor fits comfortably to all wrist sizes. The size of the LCD screen is 1.37 inches, a screen resistant to bumps and scratches. It has dimensions of 14.8 x 9.3 x 9.3 cm and a very low weight, a lightweight watch specially designed for runners.

Offers GPS, integrated distance meter, water resistance and vibration alert. It is comfortable to carry, it synchronizes very fast, and it takes the satellites at an impressive speed. With this model, you can easily upload information about your careers to tracking progress against your goals.


Best Gps Watch for Kayaking



This GPS watch is presented as a good option thanks to its many advanced functions. It is resistant to water, ability to measure the heart rate and track the progress you make in your goals. Large screen, lightweight, comfortable and resistant.



The battery GPS lasts just over 4 hours. The belt of the pulsómetro can generate small annoyances and even in some cases some chafing with the sweat. The TomTom application that is a bit limited.

4. Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Technical Data and Functions


This Garmin watch with GPS in gray and orange color is a perfect device for triathletes who practice several sports. It allows tracking the time, distance, rhythm and heart rate on the ground. It offers a battery autonomy of up to 20 hours.

It offers a great resistance to water, being able to submerge it up to 50 meters. This GPS watch allows you to time your swimming sessions as well as calculate the distance and average speed. In addition, with this watch, you can transfer data wirelessly to Garmin Connect to analyze and share them.

It has dimensions of 5.3 x 2 x 5.6 cm and a weight of 45 grams. The screen of this watch has dimensions of 1.5 inches. It is a perfect ally for lovers of competitions, as it helps to increase the performance of runners. Comfortable, light and functional.

Best Gps Watch for Kayaking



It is a GPS watch especially suitable for triathletes. Modern and sporty design, lightweight, comfortable and water resistant. It is capable of resisting up to 50 meters underwater. Quick connection with satellite for GPS preparation. Clear screen and easy menu management.



This watch has a somewhat exaggerated size. You can not send waypoints to the device directly. Although it is water resistant, it should be noted that the blows do not support them very well. To swim does not work because it does not mark the strokes or the long ones.

5. Suunto Ambit2 Black

Technical Data and Functions


This great watch with integrated GPS is perfect for both men and women. Simple in design, elegant and discreet, the black clock offers numerous multisport functions and for advanced outdoor. Offers up to 24 hours of battery GPS. Robust and resistant design.

It can be customized with more than 1000 free sports apps. It allows the monitoring of heart rate, weather functions, in addition to Suunto Apps for all outdoor sports. It offers backlight adjustable by the user, several languages, clock settings, and personalization.

It is resistant to water, supporting being up to 100 meters underwater. It has a housing reinforced with fiberglass. It has an alarm, date, time, countdown timer, stopwatch, button lock, battery indicator, and a screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

Best Gps Watch for Kayaking



This GPS watch is perfect for athletes, casual or regular, as they have many functions, offering a complete monitoring and control. It is resistant to water, scratches, and bumps. Its design is discreet, elegant, light and fine.



The functions in the navigation section are quite limited compared to other products.

Criteria for Choosing a Gps Watch




For many people, a watch only serves to know the time and date. So why buy a GPS watch? You should know that GPS watches are very useful for measuring sports performance. The GPS function allows you to position yourself while swimming and running. The watch is triangulated so thanks to satellites, even if it is constantly moving. This feature is very useful for traveling on long journeys.

Other than that, other options usually accompany the GPS. It is possible to acknowledge the number of kilometers made. The watch also has a memory allowing it to store all the data during the exercise. Among other things, this gives information on the route traveled and the speed.

In addition, the goal is to encourage the jogger to make a new route at a different pace. In addition, these GPS watches are able to offer distances or travel times by intervals.

Best Gps Watch for Kayaking

The Brand


In the choice of the brand, the interests are not the same as for the purchase of a major brand watch (Rolex, Swatch, Louis Pion, etc.). Currently, the biggest known brands of GPS watches are Garmin and Suunto. Others are also available as Polar, Nike or TowNav. All of their products are on the market to meet different needs.

Indeed, the GPS watch is a real companion of athletes. However, the features differ from one brand to another. Nevertheless, the essential thing in a GPS watch is to have the existing technological advantages.

Design and Ergonomics


The GPS watch is a sports equipment like many others. Some people want to find something every day. People want to have an ornament on their wrist. And compared to the price, it is normal that buyers want a quality product, which is really functional and practical.

Several brands offer products of very good manufacture. There are indeed models made of plastic because it is lighter for a sportsman. This is the case of the TwoNav Ultra equipped with a touch screen, ideal for extreme hikes.

Others are developing designs closer to the traditional watch. One can find for example the series “Ambit” Suunto brand, consisting of a polyamide housing, an Elastomer bracelet, and a mineral crystal glass.

On the other hand, other brands offer ultra-compact and angular forms like Garmin’s Bioactive. This model is perfectly adapted to everyday life.

Other Points to Consider

Gps Watch Functions

Interface and Embedded Technologies


A GPS watch is a smart device. Like a smartphone, it has a microprocessor. This element is crucial because it calculates and processes all the data received by the various components and stores them in the internal memory of the device. In this way, it is possible to transfer these to his computer for analysis. To do this, each brand makes available on its website a transfer software. Apart from that, treatment websites are accessible on the net.

Another strong point also, a GPS watch can connect to a smartphone to directly display the call notifications or messages. And thanks to their wide and clean screen, GPS watches are more and more easy to use. Pretty simplified models still have physical buttons. These give access to all options. On the other hand, other models are equipped with a touchscreen on which certain functionalities are accessible.

Best Gps Watch for Kayaking


Regarding the battery, the autonomy varies from one brand to another. It can be 8h like on the TomTom Nike + SportWatch GPS. However, brands push the possibilities to their maximum. For example, it can go up to 30h for Suunto Ambit3 Black Peak (Hr) to access the options as long as possible.



As a watch, basic features like time or date exist by default. Nevertheless, you should know that the GPS watch is a concentrate of technology. Different functions are offered for kayaking, fishing, running, cycling, swimming, and activity monitoring.

  • Heart rate monitor: The display shows the number of beats per minute. It can also show real-time mean and maximum heart rate.
  • Distance measurement: the accelerometer built into the GPS watch allows you to view the distance and the number of steps performed
  • Estimation of the VO2 max: the watch measures the rate of oxygen delivered during the race. From there, the watch calculates physical and physiological abilities, including calories burned.
  • Altimeter barometer: it is possible to know the height at which one is located. During underwater dives, the watch can measure depth level and atmospheric pressure.
  • Mapping: some models have color screens that display exact geographic data via GPS
  • Connectivity and synchronization: with a USB connection, data transfer is done automatically on his computer. Sharing on social networks or online communities can also be done without using an intermediate device.

Generally, these options fit most existing GPS watches on the market. Otherwise, other options also exist on much more elaborate models:

  • Virtual Partner: this mode allows you to have a virtual opponent
  • Advanced training: the watch offers various exercises with objectives to reach
  • Training Intervals: This command sets the pause and exercise movement time
  • Auto pause: the stopwatch stops and starts automatically at each break

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