Fishing is considered by many to be a type of sport. Being so, it brings about a spirit of competition, meaning that people can compete with each other in tournaments that will determine the best in the sport. Consequently, game developers have capitalized on this and created multiple fishing games, which are available to play online.

Most of these games are free to play, require no installation and no registration. Just like the actual fishing competitions, these online fishing games award you with various prizes such as reels, rods, boats and other fishing tools that enhance your performance in the game, enabling you to perform better in online fishing games tournaments.

Best Fishing Games Online

Below Are Some of the Best Online Fishing Games:

1. Bass Fishing Pro

This game is offered on the great day games website and is quite easy to play. It has simplified graphics that load very quickly on any browser. The game progresses in levels, beginning with the most basic task of catching 4 bass fish in under 90 seconds.

If you are successful, you are awarded with cash, which you can use to upgrade your fishing tools as well as pump in more fuel to your boat.

The game has a weekly leader-board, displayed just below the game UI on the website but you need to sign up in order to appear on that leader board.

2. Fishao

Fishao is much more complicated. It has very sophisticated graphics, which make the game very colorful and enjoyable to play. The controls are also quite easy to use; only the arrow keys on the keyboard are required when doing the actual fishing.

On catching fishing, you get awarded with several things such as worm baits, fishing rods and even the player customization options such as new types of hair, clothes and shoes.

Its tournaments are livelier while its leader-board always shows live results, which is really good for competitive players. Apart from these, the game will keep you busy with its missions, which will earn you more prices to enhance your fishing performance.

3. Sport Fishing

Set on the Amazon River, sport fishing gives you a realistic fishing experience as you play the game. You get to cast the line by clicking the left mouse button, set the bait, move the rod and release part of the line so as not to make it snap then pull the fish in once it gets tired.

You can lose the fish if you do not follow the instructions and also snap the line if you pull it too fast. All these actions make it feel very real. However, this also makes it very hard to play.

If you catch fish, you can sell them for tools such as new rods and baits, which then make your fishing experience better and much easier. As you progress through the game, you unlock new fishing grounds that include the Mekong River and the Deep Sea.

4. Fat Shark

Fat shark is quite different from the rest of the other fishing games. Instead of a person doing the actual fishing, you play as a hungry shark that requires to catch and eat lots of fish to get big. The game is quite easy to control because you only move the shark using your mouse button.

A couple of things to note here is that you should avoid the bombs and if the shark gets too big, you can eat the algae to reduce its size.

It has a leader-board, which brings in an element of competition, making it very addictive as you try to beat the rest.

Best Fishing Games Online


Fishing games have evolved from simple, pixel-graphic games to engaging and high-quality graphics games, which can make you pass a lot of time on them. However, they are quite many and not all might suit your gaming preferences. Therefore, it would be best to try out any online fishing game that you come across, if it is fun, well and good, if not, onto the next one.

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