Best Fishing Games for Android

Humans have been fishing in all their existence. We do it for recreation, for food or perhaps for sports. However, in the modern age, not everybody has time to take gear and head to get to their nearest river or lake for fishing.

The great news is that such people still have some enormous choices if they want to practice fishing, although you can admit it’s not that engaging as the real one.

So if you love fishing, there are a variety of fishing games for Android that you can download from the Google Play Store. Check them out and start having an epic time.

Fishing Strike

The fishing strike is one of the newest and most exciting fishing game for Android. If you want an action-packed fishing game, you should definitely try this one out. It is featured with lots of destination that you can visit and do the fishing.

There are over 500 types of fish a player can collect including rare, legendary, common and fish. After that, you can sell them for coins and buy new equipment or upgrade your gears to enjoy your fishing experience just on your phone.


Fishercat is another exquisite android fishing game developed by LoadComplete. You can play it offline and enjoy an interesting fishing experience just on your phone screen.

The gameplay is quite simple. You go to an ocean, aim and shoot your harpoon, and just that you catch fish. You can collect more than 80 species of fish to win various prices and upgrades.

Hooked Inc.

Hooked Inc. is an interesting and idle fishing game whereby your objective will be to create or build a fishing empire. This is an idle clicker android game and thus you have to be careful of lots of upgrades, coins management and recruit more crews in order to maximize the speed of catching fish and unlock more new places for a more adventurous experience. You also have to catch legendary or rare fish and upgrade your boat and your equipment to attain freebies to proceed faster.

Fishing Adventure

Fishing adventure is developed by Owings and it is among the best fishing games there is. You catch fish using harpoon using various skills and compete with the fish collection. The game is addictive.

It has amazing graphics, smooth controls and has challenging levels. You can upgrade your boat by catching more fish and place them to a fishing farm to generate gold used for upgrading.

Fishing games are interesting and very addictive. If you are looking for an adventurous time killing strategy, play some of these fishing games. They are simple to play, exciting, challenging stages and their bonus rounds are amazing.

All you need to do is download them from Google play store and start having an amazing experience. Interestingly, most of them come with a little MB pack from as little as 20MB with and with amazing graphics. This most interesting part is that you can play them offline, so you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi connection or your data bundles usage.

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